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  1. Hello Everyone .. We are living in an unprecedented, critical and a very dark time of history, very few people are aware of this fact, History has been almost completely falsified, and extreme evil and injustice is regarded as “OK, Legal, Normal, Patriotic, etc..” .. People have been divided, fake countries and borders have been created under the guise of “National security and sovereignty” , educating the population to glorify the land, people and government only and pledge allegiance to it. this is brainwashing for the governments to control people and lead them astray and away from Good by inciting Pride, Racism, superiority and pure Evil and have them fight each other .. And that’s only a tiny piece of truth of the Whole Truth … It’s sad that during these times when some of us are confined in these big cages called countries, fighting against the mandates and whole injustice and watch what’s left of our lives being destroyed by it, unable to roam Earth, live and embark on an adventure to find True Love. Our only option is to go online, patiently wait and hope to find that special soul there, and pray to Almighty God for better days soon .

  2. I saw the add in Druthers, my copy arrived today. Here I am. So thankful for this site.

  3. In reply to elkontherun, we have paid for an advert in the July edition of the Canadian newspaper Druthers.net. Hopefully this will bring in more Canadian users.

  4. Love to see more from Canada – whatever is left after the fires .. On the road a lot, so can leave cards posted on bulletin boards with the web site. ok!

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