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We created because it is impossible to find an unvaccinated partner on mainstream dating sites. Only 20% of the population have not received a covid-19 vaccine. Most people don’t disclose their vaccination status online and it is awkward to ask. In fact so many online profiles state no anti-vaxxers and no conspiracy theorists, it is obvious that people don’t want to be asked if they had a covid vaccine or not.

This is a very new website. It will take several months before the numbers of users increases. Please bear with us. You can speed up this process by spreading the word yourself.

Printing out our cards and distributing them in local coffee shops, libraries, supermarkets and anywhere with a public noticeboard will ensure you have a bigger pool of local people to choose from if they register with us. We have provided downloadable versions for both US Letter and A4 sized paper.

Meet covid-19 unvaccinated people in your local community.

We also want people to use this website, not just to find a romantic partner, but also to connect up with like-minded people in their neighbourhood. Most people don’t make new friends after university or outside work and, as such, they are missing a lot of good people.

A lot of mainstream dating apps promote vaccination by the use of covid vaccine badges superimposed on their users’ photographs. Are these people deserving of your money? Their algorithms determine who gets to the top of search results.

Most Internet dating sites make you pay for messaging. This results in a lot of people with restricted free functionality and a smaller number of people paying $20 USD a month. Over several months this can get expensive, especially if you actually pay to bump yourself up in their search results and stack of people (quelle horreur!).

We believe it would be better if a larger number of people pay much smaller fees, such as a dollar or two per month of usage.

If you are serious about meeting people online, you really need to put more information in your profiles and suggest talking points for when people message you. You really need to add a photograph as well.

We don’t want this to be another online business, but as a resource that people can use to find people to talk to in their local community. It will take many months before we can get the numbers up here.

For Those Concerned About Their Privacy

If you look at the bottom of Edit My Profile, you will see a section called My Private Gallery. You can add photographs here that will only be shown to people you select by hitting the My Gallery button on their profile.

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