Unvaccinated Dating App, Connections & Friendship

Unvaccinated Dating, Friendship & Connections

Unjabbed.net is a community for the individuals who have choosen not to receive a covid-19 vaccine (synthetic mRNA gene therapy). This is so they can communicate with people with shared views without criticism.

Typical dating websites have monthly fees such that most people don’t want to pay them and so try to make the best of their very limited free functionality. We want to be different and all our basic functionality of searching for people based on city and sending messages is free. Besides the purpose here is to find like-minded people to talk to.

This site is not just for dating. It was created to allow people to connect with interesting and like-minded souls in the same city to discuss world events and partake in shared activities such as tennis, chess, golf and exercise.

Sign up for an account or log in in order to begin searching for people like you around the world or in your local city. Go to our Forums and tell us how you managed during the years 2020 and 2021. The more the merrier, so please tell your friends about us so we can grow our numbers.

Unvaccinated dating website.
Talk and meet with fellow critical thinkers, no vaccine people, men, women without censorship or criticism.
Meet with like-minded unvaccinated people.