Frequently Answered Questions (F.A.Q.)

1. I am thinking about a paid subscription or donating money to your website?

Your credit card will be processed by a major, reputable payment processor. We store none of your financial details on this website. We don’t do automatic repeat billing. If your paid subscription expires, you won’t be billed again.

2. Why should I pay you money?

If enough users donate small amounts of money to us, we can keep this website free to use, afford more powerful web hosting (making this website faster) and pay for advertising bringing in more users.

We found this website ran too slowly with cheap web hosting. Between start-up costs, web hosting and advertising, the costs of running this website are not excessively large, but not trivial either. If a fraction of the users here donated $5 to $10 to us all our expenses would be paid for. We do get a slow trickle of new users seeing references to us on social media, but without money for paid advertising in alternative newspapers we have no means to bring in new users. We would much prefer to run this website by voluntary donations than by restricting functionality. When the numbers increase on this website, we suspect we will have to pay more for our web hosting and make changes to the code running this website. We would like this website to continue to be a low-cost networking site, but without your support this will not happen. We have already spent several hundred dollars on advertising. Without donations we cannot pay for any more. Our website was launched in April 2023. If just the users from one country paid us $5, we would have the money for another paid advertisement in an alternative newspaper. Paid advertising is always a gamble, but it is the only way we can think to get several users in the same city in a more expedient manner.

There are some alternative newspapers with large distributions and good reputations. It would be beneficial if the people here donate money to enable us to place advertisements in them.

We cannot emphasis enough that we do not have the funds to pay for a more powerful webserver from our hosting company. This will be a problem, if and when, the number of our users goes from the hundreds to the thousands. Nor do we have the funds to pay for this website indefinitely. Currently the bills from our web hosting company are $800 USD a year. This is more than we can comfortably afford.

We have used mainstream dating applications and seen there are issues, especially for those who publicly state they are unvaccinated. We want to provide a better alternative. Our background is a technical one.

We are planning to add new functionality to this website.

3. Other social media websites are free.

Many mainstream social media websites obtain their money from advertising, the stock market (this means your pension funds) and sometimes the government. It does cost significant amounts of money to pay for powerful webservers. Given that this website is for the unvaccinated, it will make it much more difficult for us to get advertising revenue.

4. Are you compiling a list of the unvaccinated?

No. In any case, if someone really wants a list of the unvaccinated they can find it from

Electoral Register – List of the Vaccinated or

Tax records – List of the Vaccinated

The countries we are aware of recorded the names and addresses of the vaccinated and invited people to be vaccinated by postal mail.

5. Do I have to provide a photograph of myself?

The decision is entirely yours. Our only preference is for a bright and cheerful looking website. This can be easily achieved if you add photographs of buildings, statues, parks, flowers and trees. However some users have emailed us and said they will only message people who have uploaded photographs of themselves. This is obviously not necessary for the people here who want to arrange group social events and exchange views.

6. Do I have to provide my date of birth when creating a profile here?

We are as concerned about privacy as much as you are. The only use for this information is to calculate your age to be shown to other users, who may be interested in finding a romantic partner. We think it perfectly acceptable if you provide only approximate details – within a year or two is perfectly fine.

7. Is this a dating website?

We have stated in many places on this website, this is a place for connections, dating and friendship. We have explicitly said our website should be used for group meetings and for social activites such as playing chess. Don’t you think it would be nice to know there is someone with exactly the same views as you living just ten minutes away? The numbers here will have to increase for this to be a possibility.

8. Someone sent me an inappropriate message.

If you are sent a message that is unsavoury, you can simply go to the bottom of their profile, press the arrow button to reveal more functionality and then hit Block. This website is about meeting like-minded people and not pushing agendas. Please use the Contact Us link to inform us if you have concerns.

9. I’m concerned about privacy of my data.

We use encryption. If you upgrade to a paid subscription, you can add your photographs to a private gallery, which is only visible to the people you specify. All profiles and photographs on this website are only shown to registered and logged-in users, which means search engines and archive sites cannot create cached copies. You may have noticed most of our website was closed off before you created your account. You may notice we don’t use third party CAPTCHAS on this website to verify you are not a robot when registering. This is because they upload your browser history to major social media sites. Robots (or computer programs) post adverts (spam) to forums and social media websites. You can delete your account here at any time and all your data will be erased, including your photographs, forum posts, comments and messages. We do not track you. We do not share your data.

10. There is nobody here from my city or even my country.

This website was launched in April 2023. It may take a year before it takes off. We have noticed people create an account here and then delete it the same day. Obviously this is because there is nobody from their city here. Just consider someone could have done the exact same thing a week ago and from the exact same city. Unless people have patience and are willing to be the first person here from their city or country, then this website will never take off. We have seen many comments on social media that meeting unvaccinated people is impossible. These actions just make it more impossible.