How To Tell The Covid Vaccinated From The Unvaccinated

Covid vaccines contain graphene hydroxide which has unique electrical and magnetic propeties. It has been observed vaccinated people emit Bluetooth radiation and have associated unnamed Bluetooth MAC addresses. These are the almost same sort of MAC addresses emitted by electronic devices such as Bluetooth speakers, wireless keyboards and smartphones. The one difference is that they do not have associated names.

As covid vaccinated people have unnamed Bluetooth MAC addresses, it is possible to tell them apart from the unvaccinated using either a specifically adapted Android smartphone or an Apple iPhone.

Apple iPhone Instructions

Go to the App Store and install BLE Scanner 4.0.

Click on the radar icon located near the top and right on the app.

Android Smartphone Instructions

  1. Go to System
  2. Go to About Phone
  3. Go to Software Info
  4. Go to Build number: Hit this selection many times until tells you that developer mode has been attained
  5. Go to System again
  6. Go to Advanced
  7. Go to Developer Options
  8. Find Show Bluetooth devices without names. Set it to on.

The 16-bit MAC numbers represent Covid vaccinated people

There are many different kinds of covid vaccines and their ingredients may differ. The response of the body to these ingredients may differ from person to person. There are many accounts on the Internet of people detecting unnamed Bluetooth MAC addresses in crowded places. How relevant the statements here are to everyone who had a covid vaccine is unknown to us. The video at suggests people who have taken the Moderna jab do not emit Bluetooth radiation. Some vaccines may have been placebos.