Free Dating Site For the Covid Unvaccinated / Unjabbed / Unvaxxed / Purebloods

Unjabbed.Net is a dating site for those who declined the covid vaccine, colloquially known as purebloods.

Given only 20% of the population have not received the vax, it is difficult to find an unvaccinated partner on conventional dating apps. If you just want someone to talk to about what happened during the years 2020 to 2022, you will find an unvaccinated person easier to talk to about certain topics. Our intention is that this website can also be used to find like-minded people in your local city to talk to.

Do you really want to ask everyone you meet on a mainstream Internet site, if they had the covid vaccine before you find someone with the same views as yourself? The vaccinated will not like being asked such a question and will call you an anti-vaxxer.

We think the best outcomes can be achieved by cooperative behaviour. Some people can mention us on social media. Some people can contribute money. Some people can put up cards mentioning our website on noticeboards. Paying users will receive a Certified Member badge on their profile indicating they are supporting the future of this website. We do not store any of your finanical details on this website or anywhere else. All payments are once-off, we do not use recurring billing and a major payment processor is used.

Please distribute our cards on the noticeboards of your local town. Most supermarkets, coffee shops, town halls and housing estates have one. We have provided downloadable versions for both US Letter and A4 sized paper. Danish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish versions are also available. We are a new website and it will take months before our numbers increase. Distributing our website address locally will ensure you have more people to choose from here (and in precisely the right place). This may seem an old-fashioned method of advertising, but otherwise new people coming here is at the grace and favour of major search engines. Even if you don’t benefit yourself from this form of advertising, you could be helping another member of this website. Many hands make light work.

Unvaccinated website app

We are a small operation and at peak times our webserver could not cope with the traffic. We had to upgrade our website hosting twice this year. Website hosting alone costs us $800 a year. Each advertisement in a newspaper or alternative website cost us approximately $200. Donations are very important to keep this website going and bringing in new users. A link to our forum post on the future of this website can be found here.

Adverts for unvaccinated dating site.

Currently 1% of the users registered here have donated money to us. Our first newspaper advertisement in Canada looks like it has brought in many new users. We would like to do the same thing in another country, but we have no funds.

The July 2023 edition of the Druthers newspaper containing our advertisement can be downloaded from here. Druthers very kindly printed our advert free of charge in their October edition. Druthers is Canada’s largest, independent newspaper. In December 2023, they estimate 300,000 of their free newspapers will be distributed.

The number of unvaccinated adults here are growing. Search engines do not index us for unvaccinated dating.

We have a reasonable search ranking for unjabbed dating, we do not show up for unvaccinated searches. As of early December 2023, 1087 people are currently registered with this website. 452 people have registered with us, stayed for a while and then deleted their accounts (or abandoned the registration procedure early on). We retain no copies of their data – only a number is incremented on every account deletion. Obviously you only have a fair chance of meeting someone in your city when our numbers get into many thousands.

Social media, networking and connections for adult single unvaccinated pureblood men and women.

Search engines and major social media sites are free, because their money comes from advertising, the stock market (which means your pension funds) and sometimes from government.

To get more messages from unvaccinated men and women, add a photo and provide a well written description.

Some people register here, but leave empty profile headlines and descriptions. If someone from your city registers here a few months later, they won’t know what to say to you in a message. You don’t have to say anything that uniquely identifies you. Write about your hobbies, likes, dislikes, work, ambitions, dreams, thoughts, what you did during 2020, vacations etc. If you don’t want to provide a photo of yourself, some of your local town will suffice. People with photographs on their profiles receive more messages.

Search for unvaccinated people using your Internet smartphone app

This website was launched in April 2023. Like a lot of new things, it could easily be a year before it takes off.

Covid Unvaccinated Men And Women Only. No vaccines. Anti-Vaxxer. Pureblood.

Anyone can register with this website and it is impossible for us to verify someone’s vaccination status. If you get an inappropriate message, scroll to the bottom of their profile, click the up arrow and then press the Block button. You can also tell us. This website is about meeting and talking and nothing else.

We can’t emphasis enough that this website is not just for dating, but should also be used for like-minded people to meet up in their local towns to discuss world events, play chess or increase their social groups.

Put up our cards on noticeboards to attract more covid unvaccinated men and women to our site.

Visiting a networking website with negative income and expecting fast results isn’t going to work. If things aren’t working, you need to do something. If you live in an apartment block, putting up a note advertising this website is extremely easy. If there is no public noticeboard, put up a message in a shared laundry room. The same goes for noticeboards on your local churches, cafés and shops. The advantage is new people will join from your local area. If they aren’t a match for you, at least you will be helping other people.

Dating profiles with photographs get more messages from the unvaccinated.

If you don’t upload a photo, you will be lower in our search results. Several users have contacted us and said they won’t consider people without photos. Consider this – a new user will just see a list of blank profiles without any photos here. He or she won’t think this website is a nice place and be likely to delete his/her account the same day. If you don’t want to upload a photo of yourself, you can use those of trees, flowers, buildings and memes. It is in your interest that new users arrive and stay.

Join our unvaccinated networking site and find people in your local town and city.

We have noticed that some people register with our website, stay for less than one day and then delete their profile. Obviously this is because they found no one in their area. The problem is that if everyone did this, the whole basis of networking websites would fail. It could be quite possible someone in their city did the same as they did the week before. There is a lot of talk on social media websites that finding an unvaccinated partner is next to impossible. Many people say they have given up. We can provide the software here for people to connect, but whether this works is a joint effort.

Our private gallery allows your photos to be only shown to unvaccinated people you specify.

We have now made the Private Gallery feature only available to paying members. This feature allows your photos to be private and only available to those members you approve first. Even without this feature your photos are only shown to logged-on and registered members of this website and are never exposed to search engines and archive sites, which make cached copies.

It is important that this website does not get cluttered with incomplete and abandoned profiles. The software running this website can be set to automatically delete user accounts with incompete profiles and descriptions. Leaving out a photo is okay, but you will just get less messages. When your account is deleted, all your comments and forum posts are automatically deleted as well. We are concerned about privacy as much as you are. So long as your birth date is approximately correct (the date and month do not matter much) it is all good.


About Us

The creators of this unvaccinated networking and dating site have worked as software developers for decades.

We have worked for decades in several different areas of software development.

How To Tell The Covid Vaccinated From The Unvaccinated

Covid vaccines contain graphene hydroxide which has unique electrical and magnetic propeties. It has been observed vaccinated people emit Bluetooth radiation and have associated unnamed Bluetooth MAC addresses. These are the almost same sort of MAC addresses emitted by electronic devices such as Bluetooth speakers, wireless keyboards and smartphones. The one difference is that they do not have associated names.

As covid vaccinated people have unnamed Bluetooth MAC addresses, it is possible to tell them apart from the unvaccinated using either a specifically adapted Android smartphone or an Apple iPhone.

Apple iPhone Instructions

Go to the App Store and install BLE Scanner 4.0.

Click on the radar icon located near the top and right on the app.

Android Smartphone Instructions

  1. Go to System
  2. Go to About Phone
  3. Go to Software Info
  4. Go to Build number: Hit this selection many times until tells you that developer mode has been attained
  5. Go to System again
  6. Go to Advanced
  7. Go to Developer Options
  8. Find Show Bluetooth devices without names. Set it to on.

The 16-bit MAC numbers represent Covid vaccinated people

There are many different kinds of covid vaccines and their ingredients may differ. The response of the body to these ingredients may differ from person to person. There are many accounts on the Internet of people detecting unnamed Bluetooth MAC addresses in crowded places. How relevant the statements here are to everyone who had a covid vaccine is unknown to us. The video at suggests people who have taken the Moderna jab do not emit Bluetooth radiation. Some vaccines may have been placebos.