Dating & Connections For the covid-19 Unvaccinated

Meet Unvaccinated People was created to allow covid-19 unvaccinated (unjabbed, unvaxxed, pureblood) adult men and women to meet each other for the purposes of dating, friendship and connection with like-minded individuals. Great connections can be made with people who understand the world in the same way.

20% of the people in Europe and the USA have had no covid-19 vaccinations. This makes finding an unvaccinated partner on mainstream social sites difficult.

Some sites heavily restrict direct messaging unless you pay. Basic functionality will always be free on this site.

Unvaccinated dating. Free meeting website for covid-19 unvaccinated, no vaccine adult singles men and women.
Unvaccinated dating. These are stock photographs and not from users of this website.

Search, meet with covid-19 unvaccinated men and women in your city and around the world.
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Once you have registered here and created your profile, you can search for people and send them messages. Your profile can only be seen by registered users.

We hope you find people in your local neighbourhood with similar views to yourself. This website isn’t meant for just dating, for example social groups may wish to use this site to increase their local membership. We hope you will be able to find like-minded souls in the same city to discuss world news and partake in shared activities such as tennis, chess and running. was launched in March 2023 and will become a better place over time as more people join. It may take several months before you find people in your city. You can speed up this process by telling your friends and putting up our cards on community and shop noticeboards (US size, A4 size). This may seem an old-fashioned method of advertising, but otherwise we are dependent on the vagaries of major search engines.

We Believe In Privacy

Mainstream social sites and their free tools track, collect and share your information. We do not. Any photo you upload here will only be visible to registered users to prevent search engines and archive sites caching and making copies. Additionally you can upload your photos to My Private Gallery (at the bottom of Edit My Profile) and make them available only to the people you choose (hit the My Gallery button on their profile). The feature My Private Gallery is only available to users who have paid for a subscription (Premium Access). If you don’t want to upload a photo of yourself, use one of your local town. Everyone likes to see photos from around the world! You can choose not to upload anything.

Your email address will not be revealed. You can delete all your information stored here at any time using My Account. If two users are online at the same time, they can use our secure chat functionality. All private messages to other users on this site are encrypted such that even we cannot read them.

Private Gallery allows you to only share your photographs with who you want.
You are in control of your photographs with Private Gallery.