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Unvaccinated men seeking unvaccinated women for dating, friendship, love, meetings and encounters in their city.

Unjabbed.Net was created to allow covid-19 unvaccinated adults (colloquial: unvaxxed, pureblood) to search for like-minded people either in their city or around the world for the purposes of dating, friendship and conversation. This website allows messages to be exchanged. If two people are online at the same time, they can message each other in real time with our secure Chat box. This website is not meant for just dating. It was created with the aim people can find like-minded souls in the same city for discussing world events and to partake in shared hobbies and sports activities.

You can find men and women in your local area by checking Proximity Search while searching. This website only reveals your approximate location to other users.

Our search functionality (Word in the ad) allows you to find people with certain words in their profile, but note results are only returned for adjacent words in the same order as you specify. For example if you search for Seattle tennis, profiles containing the words Seattle tennis will be returned, but not tennis Seattle or Seattle downtown tennis.

If you want to meet local people for activities such as playing chess, tennis, card games or meeting up for coffee, it would be helpful to put relevant keywords in your advert. Make sure your profile contains at least a few sentences.

GPS location information is removed from all photographs before they are shown on our site. The My Private Gallery section is found at the bottom of the Edit My Profile page. Here you can add photographs and videos (mp4 format only) that can only be seen by people who you specifically authorise by clicking on the My Gallery button in their profile. The button turns green to indicate the user now has permission to view your private gallery. The feature My Private Gallery is only available to users who have paid for a subscription (Premium Access).

Meet covid-19 unvaccinated men, women, people, adults for dating, friendship.
Search for like-minded people with our free dating application.

Free dating application allowing messaging.
Meeting Like-Minded People Should Not Be Expensive

Only some established Internet dating applications allow their users to specify their covid-19 vaccination status. The majority of users fail to provide this information when asked. This makes it difficult for an unvaccinated individual to find someone likewise unvaccinated, whether it be for romance or talking about current affairs.

Well known Internet dating applications require a monthly fee of approximately $20 USD to have unrestricted use of their functionality. Their free functionality is very limited and does not include messaging.

Mainstream social media sites collect and share your information.

We want to provide a better alternative. Messaging is protected by encryption. Only you and the recipient can read private messages. You can delete all your account information at any time and we will not retain a copy.

If you do decide to meet someone using this website, make sure you do so in a public place such as a café or bar. The objective of this website is to allow like-minded individuals to meet and for neighbours with shared interests to find each other. Consider arranging a meeting for several people in the same town with shared interests.

Cast your mind back to what happened in 2020 and 2021. It was unpleasant being unable to find like-minded individuals and a joy when you finally encountered someone with the same knowledge as yourself. We hope this website will help you find people who understand the world in the same way you do.

Meet people with the same views on vaccines and health as yourself.
Meet fellow critical thinkers

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