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    We have used different mainstream dating applications ourselves and spoken to many others who have done the same. It quite possible to spend hundreds of dollars on dating applications and fail to find anybody suitable. Some people believe the mainstream dating applications bias against the unvaccinated. We have seen many laments on social media that it is impossible to find an unvaccinated partner.

    So it was obvious that someone should set up a networking and dating application and try to do a better job, or at the very least try to make things less expensive for users. At the moment this website is essentially free to use, although we do charge if someone wants to add more photos etc.

    However this website is not free for us to run. Even if we discount the time taken to set it up, it costs us about $800 USD a year in web hosting bills. We have spent a few hundred dollars on advertising and a larger amount on set-up costs. We have plans to expand the functionality on this website.

    We imagine that most people coming here have seen some of our comments on social media. This will be only a small percentage of the unvaccinated people out there. If people donate money to us, we would have the funds for more advertisements and to attract people who don’t happen to be one of our followers on social media, don’t know the precise words to use in web searches or are not even aware websites such as ours exist.

    There are well-known alternative newspapers. We would have liked to have placed adverts in them months ago, but we did not have the funds. In order for unvaccinated people to easily find others in their city, we need to get our users from the hundreds to the thousands.

    We are not wealthy people and eventually paying $800 a year to host this website along with the time to keep it running will become too much for us. We are only paying for a medium-capacity webserver at the moment. If this website becomes more popular we don’t have the money to pay our web hosting company for more resources.

    Creating a profile here isn’t enough. Ideally you should donate some money as well. Even as little as $5 will help. If everyone who registered with this website paid us just $1, our web hosting bill for the year would be paid for. If everyone paid us just $2, all the money we spent on web hosting and advertising would be reimbursed. If everyone paid just $3, we would have money for more advertising, which would benefit everyone as new users will come to this website. Instead only 1% of users here donate money.

    Paying users will receive a certified member mark on their profile indicating they are supporting the future of this website.

    The Bystander Effect and Diffusion of Responsibility phenomena refer to single individuals being less likely to complete a task if they think others will do it.

    This website was launched in April 2023. Like all things it will take a year or so before we get enough users such that you can easily find people in your city. Our intention is this website be used for group meetings, networking and social activities and not just dating.

    Mainstream social media is free because they have an income from advertising, the stock market (this means your pension funds) and government. There have been dating and networking sites considerably more popular than this one that have failed due to lack of money.

    In the last few months, more people from Canada have registered with our site than any other country. We still need more people from Canada to register before people can easily find others in their city. This is because we paid for one newspaper advert in the July edition of Druthers and it was followed by a complimentary one in October. This does show that paying for adverts in well known alternative media outlets works. We have paid for advertisements twice with our own money. While we are prepared to pay for web hosting ourselves for the time being, we do not have the funds for more advertisements without support from our users.

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