What Happened In The Year 2020?

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    Sickness Is Caused By Bad Diets And Toxins


    Ill-health is mainly caused by either eating the wrong foods, exposure to toxins, pesticide residues on food or radiation. The wrong foods could be too much sugar, nut oil cooked at high temperatures or simply not enough vegetables. Nut oil is not heat stable, unlike butter and coconut oil. Working too hard and stress do not help either. The flu is caused by your body being run down.  Air pollution (car, industrial) or exposure to very cold air will damage your lungs and airways. The flu is simply your body getting rid of damaged cells and the toxins, which you inhaled over the past year, via phlegm and mucus. There is not some invisible boogey monster floating through the air making your sick.

    When a couple of people in the same household get sick at the same time, you can either blame a germ floating through the air or perhaps they got sick because they had the same diet, breathed in the same air pollution, did the same unhealthy things etc. The flu can be seen as an annual bodily process in which your body gets rid of accumulated toxins by coughing up phlegm or having a runny nose. Every autumn leaves fall from the trees. Nobody blames the boogey man.


    The major improvements to health over the last century were due to fresh vegetables, clean drinking water, better housing and sanitation.

    The Answer Is As Plain As The Nose On Your Face

    If you cast your memory back to the early part of 2020, we all saw videos of people falling down in the streets of Wuhan, China on television. We never saw similar occurrences in Europe or the USA. Whatever killed those people in the Wuhan video did not spread. Wuhan is a city with massive amounts of air pollution and long-standing problems with pneumonia. In any case the flu, pneumonia and “contagious” respiratory infections have never been known to suddenly knock down people in the street.

    The world population actually slightly increased during the year of 2020. In some European countries there was a peak of excess deaths in April 2020, but for all the other months leading up to December there were no excess deaths at all compared to previous years. It is likely the excess deaths in April were somehow caused by moving sick people out of hospital and into care homes.

    Are Viruses The Big Problem Or Could It Be Synthetic Chemicals?


    We are all told of the miracle of vaccines saving the world from a polio virus epidemic in the 1940s and 1950s. The disease called polio has the symptoms of muscle paralysis. In the 1940s the pesticide DDT was widely in use, even in households. They said disease was spread by insects and so people used DDT inside their homes. It is now a banned chemical as it is too toxic for humans. One in seventy-nine American troops stationed in the Philippines contracted the disease polio after being de-loused with insecticide. The local people were not de-loused and did not contract polio.


    The mainstream media is responsible for overloading us with information. Was the new COVID virus produced by a Chinese laboratory? Did it come from a bat? People don’t know what to believe. Well the global population increased in the year 2020. That’s the only sure fact you can rely upon. People now admit that COVID is no more dangerous than the flu. So why would a laboratory go to all that bother of engineering a new virus that is just the same as the flu?

    Flu Is Not As Contagious As You Think. What Else Could Be Making People Sick?


    An experiment was conducted during the 1918 Spanish flu pandemic. Phlegm was taken from sick people and put up the noses of healthy sailors to see if they would get sick. None of the sailors contracted the flu. The sailors were released from prison sentences for agreeing to take part in this experiment. This suggests that flu is not as contagious as we think and perhaps only affects people with something already wrong with them.  What else could have made those people susceptible to sickness back then?

    Respiratory Viruses


    If you ask a medical doctor how many different respiratory viruses exist, you will be told the answer is in the hundreds. Perhaps these people could find a new respiratory virus every day if they looked hard enough! All these new viruses are identified just by computers stitching together lots of tiny, broken up DNA fragments found in soups of many things. Then they compare the new genetic sequence to other viral sequences in a computer database and say one is a bit like another one. They don’t actually test to see if these new creations cause disease when humans are exposed to them. Well you find DNA everywhere. Humans have over 3 billion base-pairs of the stuff.

    How does a respiratory virus kill its host cell? Well they don’t – well certainly not directly! We are told the human immune system kills off virally infected cells as a means to stop the virus spreading. And you were told the COVID virus was engineered to make it super-virulent by a laboratory!


    Don’t get me wrong, germs do exist. Bacteria exists. Did you know even lowly bacteria have their own viruses (called phages) that infect them? However their role may be misunderstood. Bacterial viruses may be about transferring genetic information from one bacterial strain to another. Or perhaps bacterial viruses burst bacteria when their job of cleaning up decaying material is over. Think of bacteria as cleaning up decaying matter and viruses as cleaning up bacteria when their work is over.

    Bacteria And Viruses Are Found Everywhere


    We all have bacteria on our skins. Lots of it. But we don’t get sick. For disease to happen something else has to go wrong. There is the thought now that respiratory viruses are not what we think and may really just be scientists mistaking broken up bits of human cells for something they are not. Sickness is caused by not getting the right nutrients from our food, exposure to synthetic chemicals, insect bites and stings.


    You need to think hard about what causes illness. If several people in a community get sick at the same time, don’t immediately think of a contagious germ. It is likely the cause was something else, such as touching a surface with harsh, synthetic cleaning chemicals on it, food left out of the refrigerator for too long or stress. You need to think that these people all did the same thing that causes ill-health. The only thing that should go in or on your body is natural food. People need to realise that germs are sometimes the clean-up crew, rather than the initial cause (correlation versus causation).

    People get a disease. They are told it is caused by a virus. It is difficult to think of another cause and so it must be true. Consider what synthetic chemical or man-made item has been in contact with the diseased part of the human body. Even if the item is made from a natural substance, it may have been bleached, chemically treated, have a chemical residue on it or grown in soil contaminated by heavy metals. Just because an item is commonplace does not mean it is not harmful if used over a long-period of time.

    galleon2 orange lemon lime

    Prior to the 19th Century, sailors on long sea journeys did not eat fresh fruit and vegetables. They came down with the disease scurvy. It was initially thought this was a contagious disease, until experiments proved it could be cured by eating oranges, limes or lemons or drinking their juice. Scurvy is now known to be caused by a deficiency in Vitamin C.


    Towards the end of the year 2022, monthly deaths rates in some European countries increased by approximately 16%. This increase was not seen in the previous two years.

    Previous Pandemics


    We are told past pandemics have been caused by super-germs. You need to consider the below.

    • Is the name given to the new disease really a label for several different, and pre-existing, diseases with several different causes? For example drug abuse and malnutrition will cause all manner of illnesses. If you group five different, pre-existing diseases together with one new name, you can spin a new problem out of thin air.
    • Why does this dangerous bacteria or virus disappear into thin air after causing massive problems?
    • Could the real cause of disease be malnutrition, polluted drinking water or unhealthy habits?

    Do Viral Diseases Really Have Other Causes?

    virus food 3427947 growth-ruler blood-vessel poxes

    The childhood disease chickenpox may not be caused by a virus. A growth spurt could deplete the body’s supply of collagen building blocks needed to construct and repair blood vessels such as capillaries. The capillaries could develop holes and leak fluid into the skin. The fluid would then cause the characteristic skin lesions known as poxes.

    Warts could be caused by exposure to synthetic chemicals such as cosmetics, household cleaning chemicals or bleach residues on cotton wool.

    If people get sick at the same time, perhaps they all received vaccines or are exposed to the same synthetic toxic chemicals (paint fumes).

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