The Vicious Cycle – Aim For Success Or Aim For Failure

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    We’ve contacted many users and asked them to fill in their profile and add a photograph. Several responses were that it was not worth filling anything in as there were no unvaccinated singles in their area yet. For those of you that don’t want to publicly display their photograph, paying users have access to our Private Gallery feature in which your photos are only shown to people you have specifically approved first.

    Well we have seen the same scenario again and again. Men don’t bother to fill in their profile or delete their account within the same day. Then a month later a woman registers with our website in the same area. She won’t message the men in her area as nobody has a photograph or the profile descriptions are blank. It is difficult to find talking points in these cases. The woman thinks the website isn’t very active and deletes her account.

    The moral of this is to be patient. It is fair to assume that all networking and dating sites for the unvaccinated are run by individuals with limited funds for advertisement and all are relatively new on the scene. It takes time to accumulate users.

    When people aim for failure, the end result will be failure. If people aim for success, then there is a much better chance.

    Big business, tech companies and established money will not help unvaccinated dating sites, because such tools are outside of the mainstream agenda.

    Doing something is always better than doing nothing. You may want to distribute some of our printed adverts on noticeboards in your city. Not only will new users join up, but they will be new users in your local area. Our adverts can be downloaded from the web page given below.

    If people donate money to us, then anything left over from our web hosting bills can be used to place advertisements in printed newspapers and websites.

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