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    This website was created in March 2023 to allow covid-19 unvaccinated adults to meet each other. It was only properly submitted to search engines around 10 April 2023. Whether search engines give us a good ranking is unknown.

    As of 16th April 2023, we have 63 registered members from around the world. More men than women seem to be uploading photos. This is not solely meant to be a dating website. It is meant for people to find others with the same viewpoints in their local town. A few people here have chosen to mark their profiles as hidden using My Account->Profile Visibility. As an alternative they could just use Edit My Profile->My Private Gallery, which allows you to upload photos that are only visible to the people you specify (by making the My Gallery button on their profile turn green by hitting it). At least this way they would have a written headline and advert visible. You can choose to write about yourself in an anonymous way.

    If you have a very short (or blank) profile headline and description, then the software here will put you at the bottom of search results and the queue to be listed under Featured Profiles and New Entrants.

    Unlike some other dating/social media sites, we never show your photo to unregistered members or dump it on the front page to try to show off the members we have to visitors.

    Over the past two days, we have had a lot of members registering from the United Kingdom. You may notice we have French, Italian and German translations of this website.

    This suggests that the spate of new registrations is due to Sonia Poulton mentioning us on her Rise With BNT show (hosted on BrandNewTube.com).

    So what now?

    Well this means the number of users is so low you won’t find anyone in your city to meet up with, unless you are in a major city. The only thing to do is to make a note of this website and visit again in a few months. Don’t forget about us! On the plus side, we are getting new user registrations every day now.

    We won’t be standing still. We intend to add some new functionality to this website. We could advertise in local newspapers, but that will cost money and will mean we can’t be a free website. You pays your money, you takes your choice. Mainstream dating sites charge money. Some of their money goes on advertising. They have plenty of users and 80% of them are vaccinated.

    It is up to you what you do. You can pay $20 a month to another dating site. If you want this site to grow faster, you can be proactive and put up our cards (US Letter, A4) on the noticeboards of local shops, cafés and community centres.

    The new functionality will give preference to users with photos and properly filled out profile headlines and ads. This is not trying to enforce our views, but really the new functionality won’t work without them. So consider adding photos and filling in the headline and description sections under Edit My Profile. If you don’t want to upload a photo of yourself, use a photograph of your animals, your local town or maybe the nice photos you took on vacation. Really this website will not work unless people describe themselves more. I know your job does not define you, but you should state what work you do, what you like doing in your spare time and suitable talking points. All this stuff can be pretty vague and anonymous.

    Unlike other websites, we don’t use third-party CAPTCHAs (picture puzzles to prove you are human) on our registration and login boxes. CAPTCHAs use your browser history to verify if you are a human and not a robot registering to make fake accounts (later used to add adverts and links to forum posts). Your browser history sent off to a third-party is a loss of privacy. If we get hit by a large number of false registrations, we may change this policy in the future.

    This website is not a luxury or an eccentricity. It is an essential service. The only question is how long it will take for more people to realise this fact? You should consider what your money or patronage is supporting when you use a mainstream dating site.

    It would be nice if we could go back to the old-fashioned days of meeting and asking each other out in real life. Well people spend most of their active hours in the workplace. You can’t ask fellow employees out because of workplace sexual harassment policies. Universities have mandatory sexual harassment talks. That leaves bars and nightclubs. Leaving aside the ridiculously overpriced drinks, meeting a suitable person is nothing more than random. Online dating may be cold, depressing and an uphill struggle at times, but at least people have a chance to describe themselves in words before you decide whether it is worth talking to them. You can consider that a hint not to leave your profile headlines and ads blank.

    In the meantime, if you are in a hurry to meet someone unjected is an older website with more users. They charge $11 a month to message other users (above your free quota of two in total – not per day).

    We have not employed third-parties to give this website a fancy, professional design with all the modern bells and whistles. That means we don’t have to gouge people in the future for running costs.


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