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    We have had a couple of reports concerning people who cannot register with this website. They manage to complete the first step of entering their username, email address and password, but get stuck soon after that. The people with problems seem to be using Samsung/Android smartphones. The quick solution is just to use a laptop or desktop computer to complete the registration process.

    As of March 2024, just under 1400 people are registered with this website. In the past year, 600 people have registered with our website, stayed for a while and then deleted their accounts. So obviously this website does actually work and allow people to register.

    If you have successfully registered with this website and are using an Android or Samsung smartphone please let us know.

    It would be good to distinguish between the two possibilities listed below.

    1. There is not a problem with the code on this website. The problem is likely due to the fact smartphones with small screens are used and the users are not scrolling down to see the Save button. Alternatively the web-page has not properly downloaded and the user needs to hit the page reload button.
    2. The code on this website uses some functionality that is not properly supported in all web browsers. We could fix this by reworking the code. Possibly the “Your profile is empty…” dialog box may not be able to be properly dismissed by all web browsers.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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