DATING ADVICE: How To Meet Unvaccinated People Using This Website For Free

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    This website was launched around March 2023. We intend to add more functionality to it.

    At the moment the number of users is small. It will take several months before the numbers increase and possibly even a year. If you want to speed this process up, then write our web address on pieces of papers with a suitable slogan such as Meet Unvaccinated People and distribute them around town on public noticeboards found in such places as coffee shops, supermarkets and public libraries. Sit back and see if our website starts to list people in your local area.

    There are plenty of dating sites on the Internet. Most of them charge $20 USD a month. Part of the reason we created is that we think Internet dating is too expensive and that the established dating platforms do not work for the unvaccinated. A lot of mainstream dating sites promoted the agenda by adding covid vaccine badges (stickers) to their users’ profile photographs and provided perks to those who advertised their positive vaccination status. A relevant news article to this fact can be found here. Read and weep! If you are giving your money or patronage to established social media sites, you are continuing the problems we have seen for the past few years.

    You need to write about yourself in your profile headline and advert and list talking points. Otherwise people will not message you.

    Some people are concerned about their privacy. If you don’t want to upload a photo of yourself, then upload photos of your local town – something to act as a talking point or simply to provide a view of another part of the world.

    A unique feature of this website is that at the bottom of Edit My Profile you will see a section called My Private Gallery. If you upload photographs there, they can only be seen by the people you specify by hitting My Gallery when you visit their profile. My Gallery (on their profile, not yours) will turn green when you have granted them permission. This feature is now only available to paying users.

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