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    Unlike most of the social media sites and apps you use, we do not receive money from government, advertisements, the stock market and private equity/billionaires. Those same sites restricted information on vaccines a few years ago. As we are an alternative site, the major distribution networks won’t allow us to show their advertisements for a source of revenue.

    In addition to the initial set-up costs and occasional advertisements, the cost of running this website is $60 USD a month for web hosting. Currently we receive approximately $20 – $30 a month in subscriptions and donations.

    If more people donated to us, we would have money left over for more advertisements. This means we will get to the stage faster where you can find people in your city.

    It is sobering to note that just under 2500 people have registered with our website since March 2023 (some users deleted their accounts later) and yet we still have not raised enough money from subscriptions and donations for one newspaper advertisement (after web hosting costs have been deducted). This is due to our site being mostly free to use at the time of writing and still in the process of accumlating enough users to make a usable site. There are many different websites for unvaccinated singles and it is a fair guess all of them are run by people with limited resources.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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