Advantages Of This Unvaccinated Dating Site

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    1. This is a website and not a smartphone app. Smartphone apps are directly tied to your phone number and thus your identity. Internet IP addresses change all the time, although some Internet providers keep records. If you use a proxy or VPN, you have more anonymity. Maybe that is not a problem, but smartphone apps can potentially have access to your phone contacts, messages and photographs. Webpages run in a protected sandbox and typically unless you download and install an executable file, your files and contacts stay private.
    2. When you register with this website, we do not use a third-party Captcha (picture puzzle) from a major tech company in order to make you prove you are not a robot (spam-bot). We hear some of these Captcha picture puzzles can upload your browser history to the tech company providing them for free to website owners.
    3. If you may recall some major social media companies and dating websites promoted jabs and censored their users with opposing viewpoints. Do you really want to give these sites more of your custom?
    4. Paying for server farms for millions of users and development offices costs a lot of money. That app and social media website you are using is funded by the stock market (this means your pension funds), government money and billionaires. This website is independent.
    5. We are aware using mainstream dating sites can cost hundreds of dollars in the long-run. We don’t want to be like them. At the time of writing our website is mostly free to use and a yearly subscription costs $12. We do not store your financial details and we will never automatically bill you a second time. We do not use recurring billing. We don’t have the resources to be a free website in the long-run, but we can be a low-cost one.
    6. Deleting your account will instantly delete your messages (in both the sender and recipient mailboxes), profile description, comments and forum posts.
    7. Large social media companies have shut down groups talking about vaccination (and unvaccinated dating groups) once they get above a certain size and the symbols they use in place of the word vaccine become known.

    Don’t underestimate the importance of small actions by a large number of people. There are some states in the USA where we have twenty men registered with this site. If some of them put up a message advertising this site on the public noticeboard of a store or apartment block, there is at least a chance more people will register with this site. Not only will more people register, but they will be local to the people making the effort. As such the new users will be far more like to meet them than someone half way across the world. If a fifty people donated $5 to us, we would have the money for more newspaper adverts. Our recent adverts have been targeted to Canadian citizens.

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