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Networking sites for the unvaccinated need a year to achieve a substantial number of users. We currently have 587 registered users as of 13th August 2023. 241 people have registered with us and at some point deleted their account later.  Really we need the number of users to be in thousands before people get a fair chance of finding someone in their city. Even at our current numbers, we have received emails from users telling us they are planning to meet up.

Most of our new users are from the USA and Canada. The latter is not surprising as we have recently placed an advert in the Canadian newspaper Druthers. Our advert proves that paid advertising does actually work, if you choose the right medium.

As you are from the UK, your experience is not surprising simply because we have less users there. Adding a photograph always helps to get more responses.

There is a well-known alternative newspaper in the UK called The Light. Unfortunately we don’t have the funds yet for an advert in there. If only a fraction of people here donated $5 to us, we could more rapidly grow our numbers.

It is important to remember most unvaccinated dating sites are small operations with no budget for large advertising campaigns. Unlike major social media sites, we do not receive funding from advertising, the stock market or government.

Only 1% of registered users donate money to us. This does not even cover our web hosting bills, which are currently $800 USD a year. Cooperation is necessary for small websites such as this one to succeed. Some people can donate money to us. Some people can mention us on social media. Paying users will receive a certified member badge on their profile indicating they are supporting the future of this website.

We never intended this to be just be a dating website. We thought it would be good if people could find others with the same views living in the same town or even the same street or apartment block. That is why is it a good idea for people to put up notes advertising this website on supermarket, library, church, café and apartment block noticeboards. People could print off flyers and distribute them to nearby houses and see the new users pop up on this website. We have provided downloadable notices advertising this website for both US Letter and A4 sized paper.

Instead of looking on this as a dating website, one idea is to message everyone in your city and try to arrange a group meeting.

If people don’t want to provide a public photograph on their profiles, they can use our private gallery feature, which only shows their photos to the users they select. At the moment this feature is only available to paying users. In any case, all personal profiles and photos here are only shown to registered and logged-on users and so search engines and archive sites cannot create cached copies.

We understand some people want their privacy respected and don’t want to upload a photo. That is fine with us. However that does mean other users are less likely to message them. Writing a good profile headline and description helps as well; otherwise people won’t know what to write to you in a message.

One issue is that some people visit our website and only partially complete their profiles or delete their account within a day or so. We guess this is because they didn’t find anyone in their city. If everybody did this websites like this will never take off and people will only have commercial, profit concerned dating websites to choose from. Remember a few years ago, most mainstream dating websites were giving privileges to their users who displayed a COVID vaccine badge. Do you really want these places to have your money and custom?