Reply To: Video: Why does dating an unvaccinated, unvaxxed person matter?

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This woman is right. She says some very correct things. That someone who is unvaccinated is more likely to be an independent person, determined, strong willed, not doing what society wants you to do.

I would like to bring to attention how she mentioned concerns about fertility at the end of her speech. She said that as a side remark. However I think that this is one of the most important points.

There is a website thecovidblog DOT com. In this site are written many articles, stories of side effects that people have experienced from the vaccines.

Among the rest, there are several articles showing evidence of how vaccines detrimentally effect fertility. From decreased sperm/egg counts, to disruptions of the female menstrual cycle, to even birth defects in the children.

I think that we should learn something from the stories of others. We can at least avoid making the same mistake. As a young man who wants to have healthy biological children, vaccines are not a risk that I’m willing to take.

Of course there are lots of other chemicals in the modern civilization which led to decreased fertility, DNA damages, and related damages. For example phthalates, pesticides, herbicides, hormonal prescriptions dissolved in tap water, heavy metals, paints, microplastics, microwave radiation, laundry detergents, and other contaminants. It is very hard to avoid all of them, but we must do the best that we can.

Some people’s health is naturally stronger than others. Some people have more reserves. Their organism can take more damage. Some people have had very horrific side effects from vaccines, while others not at all. And so some people have also been detrimentally affected by the other chemicals of industrial society. These are the works of Dr. Shanna Swan.

We live for the next generation. I think that we want to have healthy children. So we must make sure that we would not be exposed to the toxics.

I am looking for a spouse who understands these principles. A woman who is informed about the toxics of civilization, and the necessity to avoid them. It’s good to be informed about the vaccines, but if you do not lift finger to avoid the other hormonal disruptors, then it’s not good enough. Then you are just another one of those people who are living in society wearing blinkers over the eyes.