Reply To: Video: Why does dating an unvaccinated, unvaxxed person matter?

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Watched your Tiktok video and I was very intrigued with that point of view and it makes a lot of sense. Finding a fellow Pure Blood who was able to unplug from the Matrix and to realize we bow to no man except Our Savior Jesus Chrsit is very refreshing. And is worth the wait in order to find them. Being able to find that person who has like minded interests and was able to withstand against evil and all the MKULTRA mind control through, media, social media, movies, tv, video games, etc. Is like finding a diamond in the rough, and I hope to find that person some day. That’s why it is kind of hard to even date nowadays because you don’t know who is unjabbed and who is jabnes and also if they are a normie or unplugged. BUT! Our Father in Heaven has someone for all of us out there, just a matter of time before you find them. Anyways, thanks for the enlightening video! May Our Father in Heaven watch over you and those you love! God bless!