Reply To: Dating Using Online Apps – The Awkward Question – Are You Vaccinated?

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I would like to expand on the whole mainstream dating app ordeal. This also includes Christian dating apps. I have found it almost impossible to find out whether a woman is unjabbed unless I just straight up ask. Also on a crazier note I have had women on these sites tell me to get the jab because I am endangering all of those around me and that “Jesus would want me to get the jab”. It actually disturbs me that there are. multiple women out there who believe in this rhetoric and makes me think the normies are doomed. When it comes to asking a possible suitor for a date, be upfront and honest with them. I atleast ask if they are jabbed, and if they ask me why I want a woman is is unjabbed I tell them because I would like to have kids without there being complications during child birth. Also, as a Christian, I believe this is a gateway to the BEAST system that has slowly been implemented over time ranging from bar codes, social security numbers, etc. In my honest opinion, let the sheep cull themselves if they can’t come to reasoning when you speak to them and try to inform them don’t feel bad just know you did your best.